Egoshooters Show Berlin

Our Egoshooters Show is still running in Berlin  until November 25 in Monat der Fotografie Off . Photography In Berlin.(PIB)


We are : Blanca .art , Black Napkin, Corinne Glaziou, Anne Sophie Landou, Gritta Rösing, Reglinde  Rauskolb.

Atelier Galerie im Kunstraum SIAM . BERLIN


NuAge …in Berlin

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I am very happy to be invited in Berlin with some of my photos, and collages ,for a stratospheric show in a wonderful place with wonderful people. If you are in Berlin, you are very welcome, Atelier-Galerie im Kunstraum SIAM, in Moabit .Wilsnacker Str. 210559 Berlin-Moabit.

two Berlin photographers/artists/gallerists inviting three international guests from cyberspace: as the title suggests, an associative collection of freshly combined, mostly handmade works, focussing on original photography, at this cozy little place in an up-and-coming “Moabit art mile”.

BLACK NAPKIN from Italy, a poetic artist and archeologist, shows NOTHING PERSONAL: “The world is full of images, virtual images. We see more images per day than our grandmothers saw throughout their lives.” He tries to reflect on the value and selection of images and words.

CORINNE GLAZIOU, a dancer / photographer / medical biologist from France, offers CRYPTOZOOLOGY: “Collages and assemblages allow me to evolve with unlimited freedom in a space like a dancer on a little scene, playing with different energies”.

TATI S. TITCH, a young, universal, instant and streetart producer: “What really disturbs me: shifts of priorities in people’s minds. We have stopped looking up at the stars, too concentrated on entertainment and consuming.” So her series KOSMOS is about space as an alternative.

GRITTA ROESING’s installation FIREWALLS OF HUMAN RIGHTS contains hand-written articles of the UN declaration of the human rights on oversized B/W shots of demolished houses along the former Berlin Wall – “a vivid memorial”. creates her own flood of imagery in MOCK MURALS, loose clusters of her color pictures and drawings – opposed by I GOT YOU, an old, bandaged album filled with “rough and tough collages from an earlier stAge”.

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+49 170 7509703      jusqu’au 29 juillet
Dans le cadre de PiB Photography in Berlin


Brexit day

Coup de gris glacé

Après une nuit de suspens 

Le Royaume n’est plus Uni

Besoin d’un café solidaire à la Tate

Et voilà, l’Europe a rétréci dans la nuit ,  

une peau de chagrin 

 Les couleurs de l’Union Jack virent au gris et noir

Le Royaume n’est  plus du tout Uni

Londres demande son indépendance 

A Toulouse ,ce matin , on nous a distribué  des bonbons dans le métro ,

Haribo-c’est beau la vie … En Europe…

Nous vivons une époque formidable !
Toulouse 24 juin 2016. Photos prises à Londres et à Toulouse .

Nous sommes tous des Parisiens


13 novembre , vendredi soir, et  soudain  l’horreur à Paris


La barbarie frappe de plein fouet , notre liberté , notre joie de vivre


Toulouse , samedi soir, nous sommes tous parisiens
  le silence est impressionnant, la ville est sidérée


Colère contenue 

Dans la dignité  

Besoin  de faire quelque chose ensemble 

Je regarde mes photos d’un printemps parisien et je me souviens de  cette photo que j’adore de Cartier Bresson … French way of life . 


Non, la barbarie ne passera pas!
Paris – Toulouse , novembre 2015